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Job applications in 140 characters or less

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Riding the Twitter tidal wave, a Dutch marketing agency is asking job applicants to apply in 140 characters or less. Utrecht-based Energize is looking to hire an account manager and a strategic planner, and has designed an application form that looks exactly like a page on Twitter, including an empty text field. Candidates enter a short message—their “twillicitatie”, or twapplication—describing why they’re the person for the job, plus their email address and Twitter username. Uploading a resume is optional. For privacy reasons, Energize won’t publicly tweet the applicant’s message. While it might seem like a gimmicky way to recruit new staff members, the process highlights that Energize is looking for people who actively use social media. More importantly, by forcing them to be both engaging and succinct, it’s the perfect way to test a candidate’s writing skills. Quite the time-saver for the hiring manager, too 😉 (Related: Dating profiles in 140 characters or less.) Spotted by: Dutch Cowgirls



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