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Twitter users can donate followers for charity

Nonprofit & Social Cause

#OneBigTweet will auction off a single, viral tweet — sent from many supporters' account — to the highest corporate bidder, in order to raise money for charity.

Twitter has the power to spread messages like no other, and we’ve seen the platform used for activating charitable tweeters. Now #OneBigTweet are helping charities tap into the non-monetary, but just as valuable currency of followers.

The organization asks Twitter users to let them auto-retweet a single message from their account, which will be seen by all of their followers. They hope to make use of the viral nature of mass retweeting. #OneBigTweet will be auctioning off this one immensely viral tweet to the highest corporate bidder, with all donations going to the Cafedirect Producers’ Foundation, which helps farmers across Africa. The organization wishes to emulate the advertising success of the ‘Oscar selfie’.


Targeting the ‘slacktivists’ who tweet about issues without ever actually giving, #OneBigTweet enables tweeters to be involved in raising charitable funds without having to donate themselves. Are their other ways to seamlessly activate social media users for positive change?



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