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Personalised font software that mimics your face

Fashion & Beauty

Creative consumers can already craft their own fonts using FontShop’s do-it-yourself font-building tool, but for those seeking an extra degree of personalisation—the ultimate degree, one might say—there’s now Typeface. Billed as a “typographic photobooth”, Typeface’s software translates facial dimensions into generative type design. Users of the software, which was created by Mary Huang of Rhyme and Reason Creative, sit in front of a webcam-enabled computer. Typeface then builds and adjusts a font based on the user’s face, movements and facial expressions. When the user smiles, for instance, the font alters to reflect that; when they turn their head slightly, it changes again. The resulting individual typefaces can be saved and exported in PDF form. Huang intends to make a downloadable version of the software soon. Similar in many ways to jewelry that replicates the wearer’s scar, Typeface promises to take personalisation to a whole new level. One to help bring to the customisation-happy masses…? (Related: Green-minded font uses less ink.) Spotted by: Jim Stewart



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