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UK restaurant offers vision of a plastic-free world

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A London-based restaurant is hosting a two-day pop-up so diners can learn how to reduce plastic in their lives

Spotted: London-based Spring restaurant is hosting a pop-up to demonstrate how to ban plastic from all areas of your life. The pop-up, hosted by UK-based Plastic Freedom, will be onsite at the restaurant from April 17-18. Diners can learn about using plastic-free alternatives at the exhibit.

Last year, Spring pledged to become one of London’s first plastic-free restaurants. It has banned plastic straws and phased out the use of plastic containers and other single use plastics. Chef Skye Gyngell launched the restaurant’s sustainable ‘scratch menu’ in 2016. It uses food that may have otherwise been discarded, like misshapen produce, in its dishes.

Spring’s commitment to going plastic-free affects all aspects of the restaurant’s food preparation process.

“We had to give up our beef supplier who couldn’t change, so we’ve moved to another who could,” Gyngell told The Guardian.




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