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UK service transfers shoeboxes of old photos to disc

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Scandango offer a service which scans as many photos as users can fit in a shoe box, and then delivers a CD of the images.

Sometimes simplicity is the key when it comes to new business ideas. Distraught when a lifetime of family photographs were ruined in storage by a burst water pipe, founders of UK-based Scandango decided to start a service that scans and transfers pre-digital photographs onto CD or DVD. The Scandango process is as simple as the concept. Knowing that pre-digital photos tend to be stored in shoeboxes and buried in cupboards, customers send in their photographs in just that — a shoebox. The pricing structure is based on whether customers send in a half or full shoebox, and assumes a full box contains approximately 1,000 photos — although Scandango aren’t concerned with exact numbers. The service uses state-of-the-art scanning technology to save photos to disc at 300dpi as part of the basic package, with a half full shoebox costing GBP 30 and a full box costing GBP 50. There is a 600dpi option available at a slightly higher cost, and the choice to save to a 4 GB USB Flash Drive for an additional GBP 12.50. Initial three months online storage comes free, and costs GBP 5 extra to store online permanently. Currently in soft launch phase, Scandango return the shoeboxes, photos and discs to customers via Royal Mail Special Delivery within seven to ten days. They also offer alternative packages where rush jobs are required or for shoeboxes less than half full. Most households have basic technology to scan photos and burn them to disc, but it’s extremely time consuming and doesn’t guarantee quality results. This simple idea removes that hassle and ensures emotionally-valuable items are kept safe. Will customers be willing to pay for such a service? Definitely one to watch! Spotted by: Ben Janaway



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