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Ultra premium organic juice

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While there’s no shortage of premium juice brands, Wild Bunch & Co. still caught our eye with its ultra premium approach. The Singaporean company, which launched in January 2007, sells 100% organic juice in distinctive bottles and offers home delivery within Singapore. Aimed primarily at busy and affluent professionals, Wild Bunch sells a convenient, natural source of nutrition. Its seasonal menus feature a variety of pure and mixed fruit and vegetable juices, ranging from Easy Peazy (carrots, peas and parsnip) to Pineapple Zinger (pineapple and ginger). For SGD 300 (USD 195 / EUR 145) per month, customers get one 250 ml serving per day, made to order and delivered to their home or office, with bottles picked up for recycling. Wild Bunch is also actively targeting bars, restaurants, event planners and spas. Restaurants are given suggested food pairings: “Try serving our range of green juices such as Iron Maiden and Cabbage Savage with sushi or better still sashimi.” And spas and resorts can offer their customers a One Day Detox Menu by Wild Bunch, a selection of six juices aimed at flushing out toxins and boosting immunity. As we like to point out, everything can be upgraded, even if it’s been upgraded before. Just pick a niche, add a healthy dose of convenience, make it exclusive and price accordingly, and pay excessive attention to design and presentation. Need more inspiration from planet upgradia? Check out a few of the premium products and services we’ve covered in the past: supermarkets, public restrooms, an erotic boutique and chocolate.



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