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Ultrasonic sensors detect mechanical problems before they occur


An Israeli startup is using deep learning and ultrasonic technology that could revolutionise the automotive industry.

When it comes to machinery, diagnosing specific problems can be difficult. Now, a new Israeli startup called 3DSignals is using wireless ultrasonic sensors to track changes in the sounds made by machinery, to predict when breakdowns are about to occur.

The technology uses deep learning to listen for deviations from the norm in musical and mechanical acoustics. It identifies anomalies, classifies patterns of equipment failure and predicts issues before they interrupt production. This has a number of benefits. First of all, it reduces the impact of human error, which can cause costly unplanned downtimes. Secondly, it means users can react to problems quicker, meaning perishable components are less likely to be significantly damaged. The tool also allows machine operators to keep track of the condition of their equipment and plan maintenance breaks accordingly. 3DSignals is all about increased efficiency and, according to the founders, “When trained, the 3DSignals deep learning algorithms are able to identify [and] predict specific problems in advance with 98 percent accuracy,”

Innovations in the automotive space continue to appear. In September last year, we covered a startup who launched a fleet of driverless taxis. Given car giants like BMW and Volkswagen’s aim to launch their own self-driving taxis, rather than consumer vehicles, will the focus be on applications for autonomous taxis?




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