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Underwear from vending machines or to the doorstep


MeUndies offers an online underwear subscription service alongside vending machines stocked with briefs, pants and thongs.

We’ve seen vending machines stocked with unusual products before, from fresh seafood to books, and we’ve seen an underwear subscription service courtesy of Panty by Post. Now combining those ideas is MeUndies, offering briefs and thongs in vending machines alongside an online subscription service. Customers using the site are invited to fill out a questionnaire about their favorite styles, sizes and colors, which lets MeUndies find stock from its range of in-house underwear for men and women to match their preferences. Members can access these recommendations in a virtual ‘drawer’ and choose which items they would like to receive in the post. The site sends out one item each month at a cost of USD 16 — which includes shipping for most customers on the US mainland — unless the user decides to skip a month or pause the service. Subscribers can also choose to add as many extra items as they like, with each additional product priced at USD 16. Tapping into the vending machine trend, MeUndies is also offering its undergarments at the Confederacy Boutique in Los Angeles, with plans to expand into hotels, fitness centers and airports. Vending machine prices reflect those found online. By cutting out the middlemen — producing its own range and avoiding brick-and-mortar outlets — the startup seeks to provide more affordable underwear on demand. With plans to expand and introduce new clothes options in the future, could this be one to partner with?



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