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Shoe-trading community for those with uneven feet

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With social networking dominated by colossal sites like Facebook, Twitter and MySpace, it might seem that there’s not much room left for smaller fish. But the web thrives on the long tail of consumer needs. Case in point: UnevenFeet. As the name suggests, this recently-launched Australian site is for anyone with two feet of different sizes. Until now, these people may have had to buy two pairs of shoes to get a perfect fit, but no longer. Uneven Feet records people’s shoe sizes and finds their ‘opposite matches’, enabling them to arrange shoe swaps or joint purchases and continue life unimpeded by sloppy-fitting footwear. The way for Uneven Feet has been paved by the growth in social shopping and swap marketplaces. Founder Jonathan Lee—whose own shoe shopping pains inspired the site’s creation—sees revenue potential in affiliate sales once the community grows. On a global scale, if even a tiny percentage of people feels their ‘uneven’ feet are a big enough issue to act on through the website, that could become a sizable audience. Any more anthropometric niches out there to capitalize on? Spotted by: Jonathan Lee



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