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Music site offers 'cure' for songs stuck in your head

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It seems safe to say that most of us have experienced at one time or another the unpleasantness of having a song “stuck” in our heads, repeating over and over again long past its welcome. It’s a predicament for which there’s historically been little cure other than time; fortunately, more expedient help has finally arrived in the form of Unhearit. A new venture from Washington-based startup Liftoff Media, Unhearit uses what it likes to call “the latest in reverse-auditory-melodic-unstickification technology” to help afflicted consumers get stubborn songs out of their heads. Specifically, those currently suffering from the ailment — known as earworm — can visit the site to hear “equally catchy songs,” as Unhearit puts it. It’s a cleverly disguised free music service, in other words, with streaming, download and purchase capabilities. Mobile apps for iPhone/iPod and Android phones are also available. We’ve written fairly extensively already about brand butlers, but this just may be the first instance we’ve seen of one that’s used to disguise a company’s real value proposition; the humour inherent in that “disguise” only adds to the site’s appeal. One to be inspired by! (Related: Beer brand provides a loaner if fridge dies during World Cup.) Spotted by: Dietfried Globocnik



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