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Upscale meals-in-a-box feature healthy global cuisine


We’ve already seen Three Blind Ants’ recyclable picnic boxes for urban lunches outdoors; now UK-based UpBox has come up with the perfect meals to fill them with. Currently available in three London locations, UpBoxes are prepackaged, gourmet meals-in-a-box that feature a rotating menu of global cuisine. Promising a “well-balanced and delicious meal” for GBP 6.49, each take-away UpBox comes filled with a gourmet entree and dessert for one based on the cuisine of a particular country. This week, for example, Monday’s UpBox featured a Mexican meal, including jalapeno-marinated free range chicken; Mexican rice with red pepper, coriander and lime; sweet corn and blackeyed bean salad; carrots with lime and chili; and a blueberry crumble cake for dessert. British, American, French and Lebanese cuisine are what’s been on offer the other days this week, each featuring the freshest, high-quality ingredients. UpBoxes are now sold at London’s Cafe Fraiche, Clapham Junction Station and Whole Foods Market in Kensington; delivery is also available. Similar to a professionally prepared version of Destination Dinners, the UpBox is obviously begging for partnership or emulation in other parts of the world. Urban retailers are no doubt lining up at this very moment as well — and how about offering UpBoxes via your hotel, conference center, airport or even airline? The opportunities are virtually limitless for upscale and interesting alternatives to the average — and usually grim — meal on the go. (Related: Double-decker ‘bustaurant’ serves up high-end cuisine.) Spotted by: Nicky Cardoe



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