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First-aid kit

Updated first-aid kit has touchscreen how-to guides

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Created by 19Labs and AT&T, the GALE Smart Portable Health Center provides connected health sensors and one touch calls to health professionals.

We’re seeing a number of ways of making healthcare more accessible and smart, such as portable emergency room kits and electricity-free sterilizers. Now, for use at home and in the office, 19Labs and AT&T have teamed up to create the GALE Smart Portable Health Center first-aid kit. Wirelessly connected with one-touch calls to medical professionals, GALE provides interactive first-aid guides for the most common injuries and emergencies.

GALE contains one drawer for sensors needing a charge, such as heart rate and glucose monitors. Results can be recorded for future analysis. The lid opens to reveal touchscreen instructions and simple reordering for restocking supplies. Should more extensive care be needed, family members and care staff can be reached with a single push of a button.

What other reliable stand-bys could be due a technological makeover?



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