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A box of samples, delivered by UPS

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When we covered UK-based Matter last year, we wondered when we’d see the concept pop up again. Now, from none other than UPS, comes Direct to Door, a like-minded effort to deliver a targeted assortment of offers and samples to select US consumers. In late September, UPS conducted a week-long pilot-test of its new effort, delivering a small, custom-designed UPS Direct to Door Pak to consumers in select ZIP codes who were already receiving another package via UPS. Each sample box contained about 12 offers and samples from brands including Bed Bath & Beyond, Sephora and Pottery Barn; the targeted test markets were Chicago, Dallas-Ft. Worth, Miami, Phoenix and Washington, D.C. The Direct to Door Paks did not bear the addresses of the recipients, according to a report in the New York Times; rather, they carried phrases like, “Inside are premium offers from some of America’s best-known brands.” Banking on the familiarity and trust consumers feel for its delivery people—and making sure the promotional boxes arrived only when another, ordered one was already being delivered—UPS aimed to see how receptive consumers would be to receiving unsolicited materials through the company. Some 250,000 Direct to Door Paks were delivered to “high-opportunity consumers” in about 150 ZIP codes, the NYT reported. The promotional world—like all others—may be increasingly digital, but that’s not to say tangible communications have lost all value. Reach out to targeted consumers through a trusted medium—and with offers of real, hands-on value—and you can still beat out your average page view any day. Who says direct mail is dead? 😉 (Related: More cosmetics tryvertising by mail.) Spotted by: Patrick Snyder



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