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Upscale smoothie bar offers non-alcoholic alternative to cocktail lounge

Health & Wellbeing

Consumers can buy blended fruit concoctions at just about any shopping mall or airport. But a Malaysian chain called Dessert’s Bar adds a twist by serving them up in a sophisticated cocktail lounge atmosphere. The menu at Dessert’s Bar is an unabashed homage to fruit, including items such as smoothies, sorbets, fruit salads, along with pancakes and crepes heaped with strawberries, melon balls and berries. While sticking to non-alcoholic offerings, as befits a country where two-thirds of the population is Islamic, the fruit drinks at Dessert’s Bar are served in martini and wine glasses. Which adds a level of sophistication and makes the establishment a welcome alternative to bars and coffee houses. Dessert-only restaurants have been around for a while. But like the three we profiled in 2006, many specialize in admittedly delicious yet calorie-laden creations. By contrast, Malaysia’s Dessert’s Bar focuses on flavourful indulgence without guilt. There’s a concept which could find a ready market in any city with a large health-conscious population. Spotted by: Suki Goh



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