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Located in the heart of Boston, 5W!TS (five wits) is both a venue and the producer of an interactive, walk-through adventure game. Think of it as an urban amusement park, with just one ride: a very elaborate, very high-tech haunted house. 5W!TS’ first show is TOMB, a 40-minute adventure set in a realistic rendition of an archaeological dig site in Egypt. In groups of 2-15 people, and accompanied by a guide, participants try to make their way to the pharaoh’s burial chamber. Unlike regular attractions, the path and story of the adventure aren’t fixed, but depend on whether participants are able to solve challenges and avoid traps along the way. Not every team makes it to the burial chamber, and losers are faced with a faux death experience before leaving the game. TOMB incorporates movie-quality sound effects and special effects that include dropping ceilings, trap doors, lasers, fog and shooting air jets, making participants feel like they’re inside a movie. All of this packed into a 2,000 square foot space in urban Boston. (Adult tickets are USD 14-20, depending on show times.) Combining the interactive elements of video games with highly sophisticated effects, this sounds like the ultimate type of entertainment for masters of the youniverse: consumers who revel in controlling their own destiny. If you’re the adventurous type, partner with 5W!TS, and bring interactive one-ride amusement parks to thrill-seeking consumers in urban centers around the globe!


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