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Urban oasis for power naps

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Back in 2004, MetroNaps launched sleep pods for bleary-eyed New Yorkers in dire need of a nap. New Yorkers who need to relax and recharge can now also duck into Yelo—a new sleep salon offering 20- to 40-minute power naps and reflexology treatments. Research has shown that napping can boost productivity and performance, and Yelo offers more than just a light snooze. Patented private sleep chambers called YeloCabs feature purified air, 500-count linens, cashmere blankets and Yelo’s own YeloChairs, which are specially designed to elevate the legs above the heart for optimum relaxation. Customers can select relaxing music or soundscapes to fit their moods, and can personalize lighting and color in their chambers. Aromatherapy is also available. Priced at USD 12-14, YeloNaps are an affordable indulgence. Customers who want the full Yelo experience can also choose from a menu of reflexology treatments: 30-, 60- or 90-minute sessions with certified therapists start at USD 65. While currently serving a single location in Manhattan, Yelo is already creating quite a buzz and has plans to expand. Since there doesn’t seem to be a shortage of stressed out overachievers, exhausted parents of young children, and other fatigued folks, catering to their relaxation needs is a concept that could catch on in most major cities. Spotted by: Theresa Duffy



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