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Adidas creates free iPhone guide to Berlin's street art

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Adidas is no stranger to the street culture scene, and their latest move seems right on target: the Adidas Urban Art Guide to Berlin is an iPhone travel guide listing Berlin’s best graffiti. Users download the application for free, giving them access to a Google map of Berlin that’s pegged with the locations of its urban art masterpieces. The map can be navigated in several ways: “Find artworks nearby” provides users with a map of art works in their immediate vicinity; “Tour guide” calls up a curated walking tour of local urban art; and “Gallery” gives users the option to browse the city’s street art and then seek out their favourite pieces. Users can click on each marked location to call up images as well as information about the piece, the artist and further references. The app’s interactive elements including rating and commenting functionalities, and letting users upload their own snaps of new art, which keeps the map cutting-edge at no extra cost to Adidas. Berlin is currently the only city on the Urban Art Guide’s map, but plans are underway to develop similar guides for other cities. Although a growing audience appreciates street art, few traditional guide books make any mention of it. So this is a smart move on behalf of Adidas, getting the brand straight into the hands of its target audience, while reaffirming its street credentials. Other brands—what kind of map-related content can you offer your (niche) audiences on the go? (Related: Free coffee for iPhone users at Swedish 7-ElevenLouis Vuitton’s walking tours of Beijing, Shanghai & Hong’s take on mapmania.) Spotted by: Susanna Haynie



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