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US company develops ‘cleaner’ version of over-the-counter drugs

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Genexa seeks to disrupt the over-the-counter medicine market by offering natural and organic replacements for common drugs

Spotted: US-based Genexa is developing its own versions of over-the-counter drugs that do not include chemical additives. The company says it offers “cleaner, healthier” alternatives to traditional medicine by using more natural fillers, like organic rice bran extract.

The company’s products are categorized as homeopathic, so they are regulated on cleanliness, quality, and testing, not effectiveness. Genexa already offers 16 products,  including its own version of the antacid Tums, as well as over-the-counter allergy medication and cold relief.

Genexa was created after co-founder David Johnson started to question what his children were consuming. For instance, he asked why children’s medicine was often pink (FYI: it’s due to artificial dye). Their research “inspired us to put products out there that could reduce the overall toxic effect” on consumers, Johnson told




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