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US startup tries to make it easier to post videos on any platform

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A former Google executive is trying to simplify publishing video content and measuring impact

Spotted: US-startup StayTuned wants to make it easier to post videos on social media and other platforms. Videos are becoming increasingly popular, not just with publishers, but with companies of all types. But navigating the wide variety of platforms can be overwhelming, according to StayTuned CEO Serge Kassardjian, a former Google executive. Knowing which videos work best, on which platforms, is also an issue.

StayTuned is offering to simplify things by giving customers a one-stop-shop. It will publish videos across all platforms, including Instagram, video apps, and on Over-The-Top (OTT) applications like Netflix. In addition, the service will optimise clients’ videos to fit the requirements of different channels. StayTuned plans to help “push” clients’ content to attract a wider audience as well, and analyse impact so clients can learn to use videos more effectively. The startup caters to all content creators, from big sports media to small local businesses, according to the founders.

The concept was unveiled in February 2019. The startup has received €2.25 million in funding. It plans on releasing a beta version of the service over the next several months. Kassardjian founded the company with Randy Jimenez, former CTO at SinglePlatform.



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