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In US, website recreates social shopping experience online


TheStyleCure aims to replicate the shopping mall experience, enabling users to share, comment on and purchase clothes with friends online.

Just recently we’ve seen the social aspect in-store shopping brought into the virtual world with fashion app Snapette. Now website TheStyleCure also aims to replicate the shopping mall experience, but instead of uploading photos of their favorite items, users can choose, like, share and comment on pre-listed online items with friends via Facebook connect. Created by former MySpace VP Ryan Sit, TheStyleCure aims to recreate the social interactions shoppers have with friends in the mall. The site is powered by Shopstyle and displays over one million products from 300 stores, across 7,000 brands. Users can search by clothing type and refine by brand, store, sale, price and color. One click saves favorite items into a stream which can be viewed and commented on by friends to advise on the purchase decision. Users can shop for their friends as well by posting items to their wall. The concept is simple but provides a convenient space to create a wishlist of clothes and accessories, which can be purchased by clicking through on the item. We’ve seen Facebook increasingly being used as an e-commerce destination, where friends encourage each other to buy. Is there inspiration here to make relevant online partnerships to boost your product’s social media presence? Spotted by: Murtaza Patel



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