Innovation That Matters

Creative network | Photo source Pixabay

User-generated advertising campaigns built by social network of creatives


This network helps link creative talent with companies who can make their ideas come to life.

US-based crowdsourcing website Zooppa is connecting aspiring creative minds with the people who can make things happen. Users in need of material simply submit a brief to the platform, which is made visible to its entire community. All creators are encouraged to participate and submit content by a specified deadline, which the user can then gain access to.

The minds behind Zooppa understand that some projects are more complex than others, so have created the means to tailor exclusive material. In these instances, once a brief is uploaded, vetted creators submit treatments and storyboards describing how they would execute the idea. The client then chooses which pitches move to production and how involved they would like to be, making the option of having the luxury of creative control without having to deal with logistics. Zooppa also has a bank of filmmakers to make an idea that is set in stone a reality.

While there are businesses in operation and causes to fight for, there will always be a demand for creative minds. One recent stand out creative campaign helps raise awareness and funding for earthquake victims, while another helps Instagram users eat their posts. How could you use a platform like Zooppa to take the creative stress away from projects?




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