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User generated content meets profit sharing


Slowly but surely, established brands are climbing aboard the customer-made bandwagon, inviting consumers to co-create. But as our sister-site predicted a while ago, true co-creation can only blossom if brands share revenues resulting from consumer generated content with those same consumers. Which is why we like Vodafone Netherlands’ new KijkMij TV (Look at Me TV) initiative, which not only involves customers uploading their funniest, sexiest or most informative (cameraphone) videos, but also pays these minipreneurs 10% of revenues generated when other customers download their video.* How it works: Vodafone customers shoot their own videos, using a camera or a cameraphone, and upload them to the KijkMij TV channel. Videos will appear in one of the following categories: Erotica (Babes and Hunks), Bizarre, Holidays, Stunts, and ‘I love…’, and can be viewed via Vodafone’s Live service. Downloads will cost 25 euro cents, meaning every viewed video will net the owner 2.5 cents. By uploading a video, participants are automatically assigned an account tied to their mobile phone number. Using PayPal’s MassPay, Vodafone pays out accrued earnings when accounts surpass EUR 10 (which equals 400 downloads). Two and a half cents may not sound overwhelming, but if online videos and their viral effects on the web are anything to go by, there is always the promise of a sudden 100,000 or even 1,000,000 downloads for the truly crazy or sexy, even if downloads aren’t free. After all โ€“ we’re putting our bets on KijkMij’s erotica category โ€“ sex sells! Only spoiler: Vodafone won’t allow ‘anything naked below the belt’ ๐Ÿ˜‰ * A similar program was launched in the UK last Fall, by mobile media company ”3: ‘performers’ get 1 pence per download. We’ve said it before: the customer-made phenomenon is a dream come true for entrepreneurs: instead of having to cook up new goods, services and experiences for your customers, you let them do the work. Just make sure you share the profits, or no one will want to play with you. For more examples, from the stingy to the generous, check out customer-made.


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