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User-generated pod-tours

Travel & Tourism

What could be better than having an insider walk you through his or her favourite spots in a new city or travel destination? How about having access to a whole library of such tours that can be downloaded right to your iPod or MP3 player? That’s what Chicago-based AudioSnacks is offering consumers. Users can download audio tours of select destinations and can put up their own tours for purchase. “AudioSnack is a place to find, purchase, download, listen to and appreciate audio tours that people just like you have created to share, and a place where you can do the same for others.” Tours are modestly priced—some are even free. Many feature downloadable maps to accompany the audio footage, and customers can listen to a sample snippet of a tour before deciding to purchase. Already there are tours available for destinations in the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, South Africa and more. Customers get a unique perspective and insights: they can take an audio tour through Chicago with a Jewish hip-hop poet, for instance, or see the sights in Seattle with a hot DJ. Since members are encouraged to create and upload their own tours, the library is likely to grow quickly. The company is also building a new section, offering campus tours for (upcoming) freshmen “who look lost no matter how many times they’ve looked at their maps.” While AudioSnacks isn’t the only company offering MP3 tours (see Soundwalk, TourCaster, Tourist Tracks and others), letting users upload and sell their own tours makes for an interesting twist. It’s a great example of Generation C(ash): consumers are producing valuable content, and expect to be rewarded accordingly. Definitely one to set up in your own country or language.



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