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Let’s say you’re the CEO of a company that needs to motivate hundreds, maybe thousands of employees, to support a new initiative, such as a product launch or headquarters relocation. You know from experience that traditional ‘push’ communications, including newsletters, slide presentations and emails, just won’t excite employees or inspire the changes in thinking and action required for success. So, what do you do? Enter This Los Angeles startup helps companies develop an internal TV network that airs on a regular schedule over the client’s existing IT infrastructure. ‘Internal TV’ features employee generated video programming to help roll out initiatives, reinforce company culture, or share best practices. Social networking features are also incorporated to allow employees to tag episodes, add comments and search a library of archived stories. Meat Team begins each project with a face-to-face client session to assess opportunities and decide on a program mix. Then they craft scripts for a series of episodes and produce them with the client’s employees as the on-air ‘talent.’ Scripts serve as a framework, but most content is in the employees’ own words. Meat Team provides guidance, edits the segments and puts together a season of weekly broadcasts, all for about the cost of producing a company wide newsletter. Since Meat Team’s sweet spot is companies with a large and/or dispersed workforce, you could make this concept work just about anywhere. Needless to say, Meat Team’s extensive involvement comes at a cost. We think there’s also room for a less full-on solution to help companies run their own internal YouTube. Could be cheaper, less scripted and more immediate. Of course, not every company is ready for the transparency tyranny that employee videos can bring to the workplace, and to the world. 😉 Spotted by: Shamus Halkowich



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