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Using holographic AR to rapidly design efficient operating rooms

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Stryker, medical equipment specialists, are using Microsoft HoloLens to simplify the design of hospital operating rooms via AR holograms.

Augmented reality (AR) technology is already disrupting a range of industries, including interior design and gaming, and is now having an impact on the medical technology community.

Using the Microsoft HoloLens AR goggles and open source API, Stryker, medical equipment innovation specialists have developed software that enables groups to rapidly collaborate on operating theatre design. When wearing the headsets, users are able to visualize a 3D virtual representation of the theatre, using gestures or devices to manipulate equipment orientation, zooming in or walking around the AR model to check the design ergonomics. Collaborators need not be present — the model can be shared to other devices, enabling rapid remote conferencing. Available for individual developers from USD 3000, Microsoft HoloLens is also being used to help medical students visualize the human anatomy in holographic 3D.

What other industries could benefit from HoloLens-style holographic AR?



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