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Ocean plastic recycled into low-emission building blocks

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ByFusion takes reclaimed ocean plastic and produces modular, customizable breeze blocks that can be used to build low carbon footprint walls without adhesives.

As the world’s media begin to acknowledge the levels of plastic waste in the oceans, we’ve seen many examples of solutions leading the cleanup, from floating barriers that collect waste to a line of denim made from recycled plastic, and now ocean plastic could be used as a low-carbon footprint construction material.


ByFusion has developed RePlast, modular cinder block-esque cuboids built using a digital design process that enables full customization to fit projects, and require no adhesives to assemble. The compressed blocks of ocean plastics require 95-percent fewer greenhouse gas emissions to develop than typical concrete blocks, with the non-toxic process removing any need to wash or re-engineer the material. While roadblocks seem to be the main implementation of RePlast blocks so far, the highly thermal and acoustic insulating material could be used in a wide range of walls for construction.

What other uses are there for the tonnes of plastic in the oceans?



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