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For GBP 3.89, expert evaluation of an item's worth

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If Antiques Roadshow has taught the viewing public anything, it’s that there’s often no predicting which antique objects will turn out to possess the most value. Aiming to help consumers get some idea for themselves, UK-based Value My Stuff Now is a site that promises a valuation within 48 hours for any photo submitted. With a staff of experts based in England and experienced at Sotheby’s, Christie’s or one of the other major London auction houses, Value My Stuff Now evaluates antiques in a wide range of categories, including jewelry, memorabilia, books, stamps and Indian art. To request an evaluation, consumers begin by uploading photos and any details they have about the item(s) in question. VMSN then assigns an expert, who will return a full valuation within 48 hours. Valuation reports are presented in PDF, and they detail the item’s history and value; an online valuation certificate, meanwhile, is held on VMSN’s secure server. Consumers planning to sell an item on eBay can then link to that online certificate to show potential buyers the item’s estimated value. VMSN’s pricing begins at GBP 3.89 per item. In this era of the sellsumer, few things are more important than knowing what one’s assets are worth. One to partner with or emulate in the eBay market near you? (Related: Secondhand store showcases previous ownersJobs site estimates each candidate’s worth.) Spotted by: Jonathan Kyle



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