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Reusable water bottle flattens & folds when empty

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To reduce the number of plastic water bottles that end up in landfills, consumers are encouraged to buy reusable bottles. Since those can be bulky to carry along, a company in Thousand Oaks, California designed an alternative. Vapur is a reusable water bottle that flattens when empty. Like a regular bottle, it stands upright when full. But when it’s empty, users can fold or roll it up to stick it in a pocket or a purse. Made of ultra-durable three-ply, BPA-free polymer, Vapur bottles can be cleaned in a dishwasher’s top rack and can be frozen to keep water cool. Vapur’s eco-creds aren’t limited to their day-to-day use: since the bottles can be shipped flat, they’re also greener to ship from manufacturer to distributors and consumers. All in all, it’s an innovative way to make it more convenient for consumers to drink and carry tap water. Also of interest is that the product was developed in-house by design agency Tonic, as part of their strategy to create and spin off products of their own.



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