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Crowdsourcing site actively manages the design process

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Now that crowdsourcing has entered the mainstream as an approach for getting work done, quality is the new focus. Last year we saw Edge Amsterdam’s answer to that concern in the form of an invitation-only crowd; now, Veeel is taking a different tack by closely managing the process from beginning to end. Also based in Amsterdam, Veeel works with a pool of some 1,000 freelance designers to offer product development services for a variety of brands and corporations. Designers are classified into four categories, ranging from junior to specialist. And rather than simply offering a platform enabling clients to tap those crowds, the company itself plays a key role in the process. It explains: “We work together with our clients during all project phases. We present every step of progress during the whole process and implement input and know-how of internal production and marketing departments, making the product innovation a joint effort. Veeel selects the best experts and specialists for the benefit of the project and by doing so, a creative, efficient process is guaranteed, including the best result in the end.” Guaranteed results tend to come as music to most clients’ ears, and Philips, Unilever and PWC are all among those that have already benefited. (Related: Crowdsourced dream cars inspired by destinationsBrainstorming service uses Twitter to crowdsource ideas overnightCrowdsourcing of graphic design goes local.) Spotted by: Karin Thomas



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