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Vending goes organic


Combining three unremitting consumer trends—convenience, organics and health—YoZone by YoNaturals is a vending machine dedicated to organic products. Based in San Diego, YoNaturals offers an alternative to vending machines that are typically stocked with junk food. YoNaturals offers a wide range of items, from fresh fruit to products by well-known brands like Tazo (tea), Clif Bar (energy bars), Vitamin (beverages) and Horizon Organic (dairy). Operators and location managers can choose from more than 150 natural and organic foods and beverages, order through an online ordering system, and have the products delivered in less than three days. YoNaturals is actively seeking locations such as schools, shopping centres, offices, hospitals and fitness centres for placement of YoZone machines, seeking to cater to consumers on the go who are interested in healthier food options. According to the USDA, sales of organic foods in the U.S. have been increasing 20 to 25 percent annually since 1990. Mark Trotter of YoNaturals explains: “We’ve studied the business models of Whole Foods, Wild Oats and many other healthy retailers, which have demonstrated that consumers are willing to pay two or three times for brands that they want, and believes that a similar healthy foods program can be developed for the automated vending space.” Sounds like a promising business opportunity for anyone with a verve for vending! Next up: a vending machine brand focusing on vegetarian or halal foods? Spotted by: Anne Rogan



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