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Vibrating shirt corrects posture

Sport & Fitness

FysioPal is a shirt designed by Dutch designer Pauline van Dongen, that uses haptic feedback to help wearers correct their posture.

We have looked at some interesting innovations that use haptic feedback. This vibrating cap tells blind swimmers when to turn and this vibrating gas pedal notifies drivers when they are wasting fuel. FysioPal uses wearable technology, integrating sensors into the fabric of an undershirt that vibrates when the user begins to slouch.

Designed by Arnhem-based fashion designer Pauline van Dongen, Fysiopal uses sensors in the undershirt to gather information from the wearer’s neck, back and shoulders to assess their general posture. The garment then syncs with a smartphone and the measurements upload to the accompanying application. When the wearer begins to slouch, the shirt vibrates, helping users to become aware of their posture and correct it. The app also comes with training programmes and an hourly posture analysis.

The garment is designed to be sleek and minimal, and Van Dongen partnered with Swiss company Schoeller to create a laminated textile containing electronics that can be machine washed. “FysioPal is able to pave the way for wearable technology to include both functional and aesthetic values,” said the designer.

How else could haptic feedback be used to help avoid health issues and rehabilitate the body?




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