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Video analysis tool streamlines sport coaching techniques

Sport & Fitness

A new platform combines wearable data with video analysis, enabling coaches to easily tag player sequences and share clips of their progress.

We’ve heard from Catapult Sports before, when it developed a wearable smart coach designed for amateur sports coaches. This time, it’s targeting video analysis with VISION.

Video analysis can be slow and tortuous for both coaches and players. Visual feedback helps players develop, but finding all the pertinent match incidents is tricky. First there’s tracking down crucial moments, editing them for coaching sessions and then the actual presentation to players. VISION integrates all these factors into a single platform.

By combining visual analytics with the wearable data, Catapult Sports have developed a visual coaching system that can be presented alongside performance data. While the wearable data will provide coaches with an overview of performance, each coach will be able to customises VISION to their own needs. Simple tagging menus enable coaches to select certain scenarios, such as offensive situations rather than defensive, saving time. The platform enables coaches to perform ‘telestration’, drawing over the images to provide clearer messages to players. Coaches can then export the videos and send them to individual smart devices, all through VISION. This allows individuals to do focused ‘homework’ in their spare time.



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