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Video to flip book

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FlipClips‘ books are like old-fashioned flip books: quickly flipping the pages creates a low-tech animation. What’s different about FlipClips, is that consumers can create their own books, simply by uploading a video to the company’s website. 15 seconds of digital video converts to 75 flippable pages. A standard FlipBook is 3.5″ wide x 2″ high, and priced at USD 8.99. Larger sizes include a greeting card format, and a story book, which can hold up to 30 seconds of high-resolution DV or DVD video. Easy to carry and more tactile than viewing a video on a pc or camera screen, the books make great gifts, souvenirs or promotional items. Fun product that finally gives consumers something to do with those short digicam videos (other than posting them on One to get local distribution rights for! P.S. For the corporate market, Flippies offers a similar product. Flippies has a design and development team that works with clients to create custom flip books, and can also coordinate professional animation or video shoots of products or events. Spotted by: Photojojo



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