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Virtual marketing advisor is a natural language AI

Advertising & Marketing

crystal, an AI virtual marketing advisor, provides web analysis and answers natural language questions to help businesses hone their digital branding.

The use of natural language assistive apps continues to grow, with recent examples including an AI wedding planner and a virtual legal assistant. This same approach can now be used by developers to improve their social media marketing strategies.

Italy-based iGenius’s  crystal, is powered by a novel AI algorithm developed through Google Cloud (unlike most AI apps we’re seeing which are powered by IBM Watson). At its core, crystal is a robust web analytics platform that enables businesses to build strong, contextual marketing strategies. Users can run their social media campaigns through custom crystal dashboards and can ask crystal questions in natural language (Siri-style), such as ‘when should I post this to Instagram?’ or even ‘which colors gain the most hits?’. While focussing on the social media branding benefits, the team behind crystal believes that its AI can be applied to all levels of running a business. A basic crystal app package is available for free, with subscription prices tailored to individual business needs.

AI advisors are moving beyond customer service functions to provide specialist advice. In what other contexts could AI natural language advisors be used?



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