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Virtual fitting room

Virtual fitting room lets customers try any piece of clothing

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A new app allows shoppers to see exactly what a piece of clothing would look like on them - without trying it on.

One downside of ordering clothing online is that you can’t see what you look until the clothing has arrived. If it doesn’t fit or looks awful on, then it needs to be returned or re-ordered in a different size. A new application by fashion tech startup Zeekit may now solve this problem by letting users see what they look like in any piece of clothing without needing to try it on. This could potentially revolutionize the garment industry by allowing customers to order the right size and look the first time around.

The difference between the Zeekit technology and other virtual try-on apps and experiences is that it uses the customer’s real photo and body dimensions. Zeekit (which means ‘chameleon’ in Hebrew) was co-founded by former Israeli Air Force captain Yael Vizel, who was inspired by the technology used for turning 2D landscape images of the ground into 3D images for aircraft. The app uses similar image processing technology to put layered images of almost any clothing item over the user’s body, taking into account factors such as body dimensions, figure, and the kind of fabric used. Users first upload a picture of themselves in a plain top and shorts or a little dress, and the app makes a note of their measurements. Clothing sellers, magazines and blogs then place the Zeekit button next to items in their online, mobile and physical stores. Shoppers tap on the Zeekit button next to an item and instantly see a virtual image of themselves wearing the item.

The app also allows shoppers to mix and match items from different retailers in their virtual closet, share items with friends, and purchase clothing through a link in the app. Retailers and brands can easily incorporate the Zeekit button into online or physical stores and magazine ads to give shoppers the ability to virtually try on their entire catalog of products. Zeekit announced its launch at this year’s New York Fashion Week, and has raised USD 9 million from angel investors in a Series A funding round. Zeekit joins recent shopping innovations such as an online atelier that lets customers design their own clothing and the AI-powered tool that complements the work of stylists. Will Zeekit prove to be the ultimate disrupter to the way we shop for clothing?




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