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Virtual reality advertising network links brands with developers

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VRAN is the first network to focus on enabling brands, companies, and individuals to access to VR advertising.

The VR movement is most definitely beginning to take hold. An exercise machine now lets users experience flying while they workout, and the first virtual reality theme park is set to open next year. In advertising, potential home buyers can explore multiple properties using Oculus Rift headsets. And now there is a network called VRAN that links advertisers with VR developers so they can make full use of the technology.

The platform hopes to revolutionize the way virtual reality content creators can monetize their works, while giving brands, companies and individuals access to VR advertising. Developers can sign up for free and start engaging with like-minded brands to integrate advertising into their existing interfaces. VRAN uses Unity 3D, so they can integrate ads the same way they would a GameObject — these can be deployed across major platforms such as Xbox, Playstation, Web, Android and more. Brands, too, can sign up for free and open up a new channel of advertising with the site’s help, by testing out multiple strategies on different apps, games and more. VRAN also provides monitoring and in-depth analytics, and hosts forums for discussions.

Although VR equipment remains relatively expensive to the average consumer, many brands are testing out their advertising in this domain — Topshop enabled fans to experience a VR front-row seat at their fashion show last year. How could other brands use VR for advertising?



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