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Virtual reality crime scene re-enactment for juries

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Researchers at Staffordshire University are developing virtual reality crime scene recreations for more efficient and effective court cases.

Current methods of recording crime scene information can be laborious and time intensive, requiring photography, sketching and physical documentation. A research team with members from Staffordshire University’s departments of Archaeology, Forensic and Crime Science, and Games Design is using digital recording methods and gaming tech to create 3D virtual crime scene re-enactments.

Currently in development, the concept will have to meet strict criteria for the logistics of crime scene information collection, and laws will have to be adapted to incorporate the new technology and approach. The researchers are working with the Ministry of Justice and local and national police teams and have already been experimenting with the use of drones and lasers. Virtual reality re-enactments will combine that work with the technology used in gaming headsets.

Researchers think VR re-enactments could improve safety for investigators and improve the accuracy and speed with which court cases are carried out. That said, the court system is already having problems with a new layer of technology, which have caused increased delays as a result.

With artificial intelligence being used for legal research and an online tool available for recording the details of traffic accidents, where else could technology be used for solving disputes?



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