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Virtual reality social space lets users share experiences as avatars

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AltspaceVR brings the 2D web into a virtual space, letting users consume media socially within a VR experience.

Critics of social media bemoan the lack of intimacy that comes from communicating via text on Facebook, Twitter and other networks. AltspaceVR is the first virtual reality social space – imagine a hybrid of a smartphone interface and Second Life — which brings the 2D web into a virtual environment, enabling users to combine their VR experience, social interactions and media consumption in one.


Currently in Beta, AltspaceVR lets users sign up and attend scheduled ‘events.’ Having done that, they can explore AltspaceVR’s virtual world using the Oculus Rift VR headset or their desktop. Once online, users can choose and customize an avatar to represent them, before doing any number of things with their creation: they can talk to other users, watch a film via Netfilx, share an interesting Reddit post with another avatar, participate in an online game or use one of the growing number of inbuilt apps. The platform can also be used for collaborative work projects by providing an interactive, shared virtual office space.

What other features could be added to this expansive virtual world?



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