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VR lets beauty product shoppers pick ingredients

Sport & Fitness

South Korean beauty brand Innisfree uses virtual reality to take consumers on the Jeju Flying Bike experience to collect its products’ natural ingredients.

South Korean beauty brand Innisfree used virtual reality (VR) to solve the question of how to take customers on the same journey taken by the brand. Powered by in-store bicycles, customers escape the four walls of the company’s new Shanghai Disneyland store by traveling on the Jeju Flying Bike.

Visitors pedal in-store bikes to power their virtual reality travels around the UNESCO protected island of Jeju. Jeju is a volcanic island with a rich diversity of plant life, growing many of the ingredients used by Innisfree in its products. Using eye-tracking software, bicyclists on the Jeju Flying Bike experience collect empty bottles they use to gather ingredients.

Exploring new worlds is a key attraction in the use of VR, and projects are using the technology for everything from healthcare to criminal law. A new game is teaching emergency birth care, and crime scene re-enactments are being used for jurors. How else could virtual reality be used to present different options in education and business?



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