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Restaurant's iPhone app lets users order and pay for food


It’s become increasingly common for restaurants to let consumers order food online or even via text message. What’s still novel, however, is to see a native, customized and branded mobile application. Burrito chain Chipotle recently launched its own iPhone app, and now there’s something similar from UK chain Wagamama. Billed as the UK’s first iPhone app from a restaurant chain, Wagamama’s free application can help users locate the nearest Wagamama restaurant and then browse the continuously updated menu to place their order. They can even customize their dishes by adding and removing ingredients. Orders are sent straight through to the kitchen, and up-to-the-minute status reports keep customers informed as to pick-up times. Secure payment options via the app include both debit and credit card. Cross-restaurant apps like GrubHub and CityMint may be useful for drawing in new customers, but when it comes to loyal, repeat diners, there’s nothing like a custom app for providing the truly service-minded experience of what our sister site would call a brand butler. Other eateries around the world: what about you…?



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