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Water park is fully wheelchair accessible

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Morgan’s Inspiration Island is a new ultra-accessible water park for children and adults in wheelchairs or with special needs.

Children with special needs are often unable to participate in activities due to safety concerns, but we have seen a number of initiatives help to make fun recreations such as cooking and playing music more accessible to them. Now, Morgan’s Inspiration Island is a new ultra-accessible water park at Morgan’s Wonderland in San Antonia, Texas, which can be enjoyed by children and adults in wheelchairs alongside those with or without special needs.


The splash park will be located next to Morgan’s Wonderland — an accessible theme park that has been open since 2005, named after owner Gordon Hartman’s daughter. The tropical themed water world, which is expected to open in spring 2017, has been designed in conjunction with designers, doctors and special needs therapists. It will include five play areas, including Rainbow Reef and Shipwreck Island, all of which will be completely wheelchair accessible. Features will include raintrees, pools, falls and tipping buckets, as well as an adventure ride through a jungle setting.

Guests will also be given a waterproof wristband with RFID technology, which will enable parents to keep an eye on the location of their kids in the playground. What other recreational parks could be adapted to suit the special needs of disabled guests?



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