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Wearable controller lets users walk around in virtual realities

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Stompz is a wearable device which lets players immerse themselves in virtual realities by controlling their movements with their feet.

Stompz is a new wearable device which enables players to immerse themselves more fully into the virtual realities made possible by VR headsets such as Occults Rift. The controllers strap onto the feet or shoes of the player, connecting wirelessly to their gaming device and enabling them to control their in-game movements with their own two feet.

Stompz use high-end IMU sensors and 9-axis motion trackers to capture the wearer’s movements, translating small on-the-spot actions into an array of avatar actions, including running, jumping, turning and crouching. It enables players to explore virtual environments in a safe and exciting way and gives them a low-intensity workout while they’re at it.

The device is compatible with any head-mounted device that has a USB input, as well as with non-VR games and many exercise machines. Those with hacking tendencies can even program additional actions into their Stompz controllers.



Stompz are currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter. Pledgers can pre-order a set for USD 99 and early bird orders are expected to be fulfilled in November 2015. Are there other uses for the VR device outside of gaming?



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