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Wearable tech for dogs tells owners how they're feeling

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Voyce is a smart collar and app that helps owners track their dogs' fitness and understand their health.

Being able to better communicate with animals has been a human fantasy even before Dr Doolittle became a popular culture character. In the past we’ve seen projects such as No More Woof use EEG to read dog’s thoughts, but now Voyce is using a smart collar and app to track their fitness and understand their health.

Voyce is designed to replace dog’s usual collars with its sensor-embedded device, which monitors vital signs such as heart rate and respiratory rate, and tracks how active the animal is over time. Using the companion app, owners can see if their pet is getting enough exercise or sleep, how many calories they’re burning, and if they begin to show abnormal heart and breathing rates that could be early indicators of health problems. The app also uses algorithms to analyze the data and offer personalized tips and articles that might help improve the dog’s wellbeing and their relationship with their owner. Users can also share photos, stats and achievements on social networks, or with their vet, straight from the app.

Watch the video below to find out more about Voyce:

Voyce proves that it’s not just humans that can get in on the trend for fitness tracking, enabling owners to know their pet better. Are there other pieces of wearable tech that could teach people more about their animals’ lives?



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