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Wearable Tweets in the form of fake tattoos

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Twitter Tats are fake tattoos of some of the best lines from famous athletes, musicians and politicians and last two to three days if left without being washed.

Safe to wear and removable with baby oil, Twitter Tats let wearers celebrate the best and worse lines of their favorite celebrities. Available packs of tweets include the Elon Musk pack, the female popstar swag pack, the Donald Trump pack and the Kardashian pack. Applied using water, the wearable tweets are printed in color and should last up to three days if the wearer doesn’t scrub the tattoo.

Currently available for distribution in the United States, packs cost USD 9.99 and shipping is free. Fans can also create their own packs of 10 to 12 tweets for USD 25. With so many wearables focusing on health and fitness, like blood alcohol detection patches, it is interesting to see the playful side of entrepreneurs emerge. This digital charm bracelet sends a buzz to friends or family whenever the associated charm is pushed. How else could online ideas be translated into a (fun) wearable?



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