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Hands-free wearable for extreme sports communication

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Bonx's in-ear wearable and app enables hands-free group communication during extreme sports.

The proliferation of portable tech such as GoPros are offering ingenious solutions for users to rapidly share extreme sports experiences — we have already seen a camera-embedded shirt, and a smart camera that will edit footage according to users’ heart rate (and excitement). Now Bonx is aiming to enhance peer sporting experiences with a wearable walkie talkie.

Bonx is an in-ear device fitted with voice-recognition technology. Groups of users participating in, for example, a mountain bike ride, connect their devices using the Bonx app. During the ride, Bonx detects when the user is speaking, activating a mic that transmits audio to the other users without the need for buttons. The device contains an over-the-ear loop for a firm fit even under extreme movement, and has an open back design that lets in background sounds. Being app-based, the devices connect via 3/4G, enabling longer range communication than conventional radio-based walkie talkies. A single Bonx ear piece has a preorder price of USD 139.99, which connects via Bluetooth with the free app.



Also featuring music playback capabilities, Bonx can augment an already invigorating experience for thrill-seeking adventurers. Could the headsets be used in other contexts, perhaps to facilitate rapid communications in large businesses or hospitals?



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