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Web history transformed into printable newspaper

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HTTPrint is a Google Chrome extension that records website history and transforms data into printable newspaper-style infographics.

Creating physical objects from digital content is a growing trend — we’ve already seen a newspaper made up of users’ favorite online stories. A new browser extension now also enables users to look back at their browsing history in a similar print form.


When activated, the HTTPrint Google Chrome browser extension monitors how users spend their online time. It records what sites users visit, which stories held their attention for longest, and the images and keywords associated with that content. Users are then able to print this data directly from the browser, which translates it into a newspaper infographic.

Reminiscent of Smile Suggest, the facial recognition software which uses webcams to automatically bookmark pages that make the viewer smile or laugh, the student project by Emilie Pillet at ECAL could have numerous potential business uses. Could web developers use this data to analyze how users are engaging with their content?



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