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Web-based, branded karaoke for the home

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Lucky Voice on Soho’s Poland Street in London is already well-known for its private karaoke party rooms, which have proved so popular that the venue has expanded to include three additional locations. Now the chain has expanded even further–right into consumers’ living rooms–with a branded karaoke party-planning website and equipment. Lucky Voice Home, which just launched into beta earlier this month, offers more than 6,300 songs that can be streamed into consumers’ living rooms for club-quality karaoke fun. Users can create their own, personal playlists by searching Lucky Voice’s catalogue or by browsing the lists of their friends. They can also organize private karaoke parties using the site, with features for jointly planning the playlist, sending out invitations and even sharing photos afterwards. For those in need of karaoke equipment, Lucky Voice also offers a Party Box including mic mixer with echo effect and space for two mics, a fluorescent pink microphone and the cables needed to connect it all up via a computer headphone jack and amplified speakers. For a limited time, access to the Lucky Voice Home catalogue is free, but ultimately there will be a monthly charge for access to the complete list; more than 1,000 songs, however, will always be free, the company says. The Party Box, priced at GBP 35, includes a month’s subscription to the full Lucky Voice catalogue. If there’s anything better than an evening of karaoke in a private bar, it just may be an evening of karaoke with comparable quality–and even the same brand–in one’s own home. What insperiences can your brand deliver….? Spotted by: Marko Balabanovic



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