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Web channel for three-minute pitches | Update

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Almost exactly a year ago, we featured a Silicon Valley company that lets entrepreneurs pitch their “next big thing” to potential investors via short web videos. Recently, a similar venture got started in the UK. describes itself as “Dragons’ Den meets YouTube” and besides letting start-ups pitch their ideas to attract funding, the website also aims to provide other services for entrepreneurs, like directories of business opportunities, franchises, businesses for sale, etc. Those in search of funding can pitch for investment by uploading a short video supported by a summary business plan, for a fee of GBP 200 for a three-month listing. Due to UK financial regulations, viewers need to register and then “self certify as an investor” before they can watch a single pitch. Which could seriously hamper the website’s growth—users are less likely to forward a video to other potential investors if they know the recipient will need to register and self certify just to view a short clip. That said, British entrepreneurs in search of funding will no doubt welcome an additional opportunity to reach out to potential investors!



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