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Animated anime | Photo source Alex Knight on Unsplash

Website makes people pass a test to access content

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A popular Chinese video sharing website requires people to prove they are worthy of the site’s content


Chinese video streaming website Bilibili has developed a unique vetting process to help it form an enthusiastic and friendly online community. New users must pass a timed, 100-question online test to access premium content.

This is no perfunctory test. The site, which prides itself on being the centre of China’s geek culture, has previously wanted answers to questions on everything from the programming language Java, C++, to Chinese history, and also asks the smallest details about videos, movies and music.

Bilibili is one of China’s most popular video platforms. Its community is built around fans of anime (a Japanese style of film and television animation) and gamers who submit, view and comment on video content. The site also features original content, like movie reviews, animated shows and games. It is known for pioneering “bullet comments” – viewer comments that float on top of a video while users watch.

Its parent company, Hangzhou Huandian Technology (‘Fantastic Electricity’ Technology), was listed on NASDAQ last March. After the site went public, fans reported that the questions became easier, and focussed more on user guidelines than on arcane knowledge.




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