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Wedding boutique for gay men

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With same-sex marriage now legal in countries like Belgium, Spain, the Netherlands, Canada and South Africa, and many more countries accepting civil unions, domestic partnerships or registered partnerships, a whole new bridal industry is springing up to cater to the demands and wishes of gay and lesbian couples. Spotted in Barcelona: BY, Europe’s first wedding shop for gay men. The venture was conceived as “an image atelier for fashion conscious individuals in search of alternatives to the conventional groom and ceremony suits.” Suits are tailor-made in Spanish workshops and priced from EUR 1,500–6,000. For an extra personal touch, they can be lined with fabric printed with a couple’s monogram, a photograph or a poem. Designers working for the boutique include Delgado Buil, Ion Fix, Juanjo Oliva, Locking Shocking and Helena Rohner. Besides clothes, BY also sells wedding rings and other accessories. Smart concept to start up in cities with large gay communities, wherever same-sex marriage is legal. And don’t forget lesbian nuptials! For more examples of companies working to reap ‘pink profits’ check out our sister site’s latest briefing. Note: BY no longer seems to be active. If you know what happened to the company, please leave a comment or email us at Thanks! And we still like the concept 🙂 Spotted by: Anna Codina


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